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Nowaday, The needs of designing and constructing of workshops for producing are currentlyincreasing day by day. Most of the house constructing process are well-known. But constructing a workshop with pre-made steel is quite different from that of a house construction. So how do we construct a workshop and which important step requires our consideration?

What material to use for contructing an industrial workshop and warehouse that fits a clients pocket and needs, one for long-term use that can look fancy but can still ensure technical requirements ike insulation and fire-proof has been a tough problem for investors nowadays.

Most companies or businesses when producing, processing, or manufacturing must have a standard workshop and warehouse to producing product depending on the size and financial conditions of every business and industry.

To complete a construction to the needs of an investor from speed to quality, we need to have a detailed plan. Calculating and considering the plan from the early stages of designing the factory::

+ The order of construction

+ The factors that affect the ability to construct

+ The actual conditions to construct on-site

Coming up with a plan depends on the factory constructing companies’ experiences and ability. The important part is to complete the project as commited to the investors. Basically, this is the process of constructing a factory


– Leveling the land: this is the first thing the contractor needs to do. Depending on the properties of the existing land that the contractor will proceed to level to fit the construction blueprint accordingly.

– Positioning the main axle: This step is very important. The column foundation will depend on this axle to be constructed as the blueprint.

– Digging the fence foundation: The solid fence around factories are usually long and tall, so it’s foundation must be made fortified.

– Constructing the factory’s foundation and beaming reinforcements: Afterhaving the main axis, the foundation will be constructed. The foundation is usually designed as a single foundation or pile foundation, the material used would be reinforced concrete. The column bolts are buried into the foundation awaiting to be assembled with steel columns. This is also an important step which affects the quality of the construction, depending on how soft, hard or muddy the soil is, there will be different methods to reinforcing the foundation.

– Compressing the ground: after the land is leveled, a road roller will compress the land so as to reach the level tightness required of the design.

– Compressing rock platform for factory: The platform for factories are usually reinforced concrete layered upon a compressed rock platform. The thickness of the rock platform is done according to the design.

– Executing the factory platform: proceed to reinforce and pour in concrete. Concrete maintenance after pouring is crucial, it has to be correct to avoid cracking.



Steel-framed housing is a building technique with steel frames connecting perpendicularly. This steel frame is used for constructions like steel buildings, platform, roof and wall supporting,…

The connecting steel parts are manufactured with well-controlled quality. After being transported to works-site, they are assembled to form a frame which will the back bone of the factory, it will shape the building in the future, it is also the secondimportant step of the process.

Constructing truss columns requires precision and be easily aligned during the process

Cranes are usually used to lift and put the connecting parts into position. The parts are connected by bolts.

Wooden beams and cables: Install bracing cable system to ensure stability of the outer frame. The wooden beams help to strengthen the stability and used for supporting the roofing center


External constructions consists of: building brick walls, roofing,… There are many materials you can choose from.

  • Constructing of surrounding wall
  • Constructing of roof


Infrastructure includes: roads, water-supply, drainage,…Road needs to be rolled to meet the standards of withstanding heavy trucks

  • Installing drainage pipes
  • Roll the platform
  • Roll layer of rock onto platform
  • Maintain concrete platform of road, cut edges preventing cracking


Includes fire-proof fire-extinguish system, communicating system, electrical system, technical services for production system,…

  • Constructing underground water tanks for fire situations
  • Install fire extinguishing system
  • Install hidden communication lines


  • Marking: draw traffic guide lines within workshop
  • Plaster ceiling in offices


  • Cleaning workshop: Workshop must be cleaned before being handed over
  • Install other equipment (if any)

The process of constructing a workshop includes many different tasks is listed above. From constructing the foundation, which is the first important task, manufacturing and installing steel-frames, which is the second important task, external construction and finalizing the factory. The quality of the whole construction depends on the two important tasks above. Because the manufacture and installation of the steel-frame is done at the same time as constructing the platform and foundation, so the time of the whole construction is shortened.

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